Happy N Healthy Journey


To be Happy N Healthy (HNH) - a goal many of us strive for. The obstacle is, reaching this desire requires us to make time to care for ourselves. It’s an ongoing process and takes intentional thought and commitment.

If you want to be Happy N Healthy yet feel overwhelmed as to where to start - you’ll be one step closer by committing to yourself, partnering with others, and recording your progress. Let’s unite and each become Happier and Healthier by achieving (and maintaining) one goal at a time - did someone yell avalanche?


  1. Every few weeks, FNF will bring a different healthy habit to light. You can choose to focus on implementing this habit or drive your attention to your own specific goal.
    Habits will encompass:
    - Fuel (Nutrition)
    - Activity
    - Outlook
    - Care of people (Self and Others)

  2. Once you’ve identified your specific goal, identify how you will measure your success. Now you’re ready to start practicing your habit and tracking your progress. This is a visual reminder of how you are doing and very important.

    Tracking Methods:
    - Personal Calendar or Journal (physical or electronic)
    - Ap of your choice
    - Download, print, and record on this tracking sheet.
    ** Example of tracking sheet in use. It lists a specific goal, why it’s important, and how success will be
    measured or indicated.
    ** Post it or keep it where you’ll see and use it frequently.

  3. Once you’ve consistently implemented this healthy habit, move it into maintenance and start working toward conquering a new one.


  • When you mess up one meal, day, hour, or whatever - recognize it, reflect, and restart. You will mess up or have an ‘off’ period and that is okay.

  • If you need longer than a few weeks to implement a habit or meet a goal - take it! Working on 1-2 items at a time is more manageable and increases your likelihood for success!

  • If the HNH habit presented is something you already do, set your own goal or habit to work toward and track your progress.


Discuss your success, obstacles, and solutions in the comments of the blog or verbally with others in class or elsewhere.

Any challenge is easier, or at least more successful, when a group of people are holding each other up and accountable. It takes a village!

Let’s get started! HNH Journey: Habit 1: Drink More Water

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