HNH Journey: Habit 1: Drink More Water


A lot of folks have the desire to eat healthier - for some this is daunting and easier said than done. It’s a broad goal with a lot of moving parts - A great place to start is with your fluid consumption.

Fluids come in many forms…
- Soda
- Sports and Energy drinks
- Juice
- Milk
- Coffee, Tea
- Alcohol
- Smoothies, Shakes
- Water as a fluid or in food; most commonly in fruits and vegetables.

Let’s focus on water. Generally, an adult should consume at least 8 cups (64 fluid ounces) of water per day or as many fluid ounces as is half your body weight in pounds.

You may need additional water if you are…
- In a hot or humid environment
- At high elevation
- Active
- Sick (fever, diarrhea, vomiting)
- Pregnant
- Feeling thirsty

Okay but why? Water plays a role in body temperature control, protecting joints and tissues, and waste expulsion. Being well hydrated can have a positive impact on your energy level and mood.

Assess your daily water intake. If you have room to improve, I invite you to make ‘Consume at least 8 cups of water per day’ your first Happy N Healthy (HNH) goal!

Already hitting this target? STELLAR! Keep it up! Perhaps you want to focus on eliminating or decreasing your consumption of non-nutrient dense liquids (soda, alcohol, juice, sweet tea, etc.) OR maybe you have another goal in mind to tackle.

Whatever you choose…
- Commit to it and
- Track your progress

When you have an off hour, day, ‘period of time’…
- Recognize, Reflect, Restart

Wishing you joy today,

PS See below for tips to sneak more water into your daily routine.

(1) Purchase a water container and keep it close - When choosing your container, consider…
- Size: Larger = less refills and more accomplished per completion.

- Ease of use: Something you can sip without unscrewing a top is most convenient making it more likely you’ll take the time to take a sip. Consider using a dishwasher safe, reusable straw.

(2) Carbonated/Sparkling Water - If you’re looking to replace diet soda or a sugary drink, try a carbonated water product (La Croix, Bubly, Spindrift, etc.). Caution: It won’t be as sweet, and it may take a few tries before you acquire a taste for it. Look for products with a short ingredient list (such as carbonated water, natural flavor). Avoid sugar, 0-5 grams/serving is ideal.

(3) Infuse water with Fruits, Veggies, Herbs - Wash and cut F/V of your choice and place in pitcher. Fill pitcher with water, refrigerate, and let sit at least 4 hours or overnight for stronger flavor. It’s best to consume this within 3 days or as ingredients spoil.

Popular infusion ingredients: Berries, Lemon, Cucumber, Watermelon, Mint

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